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Bradley Block, MD, is a private practice otolaryngologist on Long Island, New York, where he lives with his wife and three young sons. He is a partner at ENT and Allergy Associates and creator of the Physician’s Guide to Doctoring Podcast.

He realized that rapport was the key to gaining trust, seeing patients efficiently, enjoying his practice, and building his reputation. He tried to find a podcast that would help him improve at doctor-patient communication, but there was none, so he created Physician’s Guide to Doctoring! The topics quickly expanded to “everything we should have been learning while we were memorizing Kreb’s Cycle,” and it is now a practical guide for practicing physicians, physicians-in-training and all allied health professionals. He is available as a keynote speaker on improving the patient experience, doctor-patient communication, and running office-hours efficiently.

Brad, or Dr. Block as his parents call him, went to med school at SUNY Buffalo and graduated with research honors. He then went on to his ENT residency at Georgetown. He enjoys spending time with his family, surfing (yes, there is surfing on Long Island), skiing (there is no skiing on Long Island), smoking meat, exercising, and finding any excuse to quote an 80s movie.


“I’m not saying I’d build a summer home here, but the trees are actually quite lovely.”



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Who are the hosts of The Physician’s Guide to Doctoring? We are a bunch of doctors embarking on a transformative journey and looking to take you along for the ride as we dive into captivating conversations with experts from diverse fields all with the common goal of helping us achieve our full potential.


Jordyn H. Feingold, MD, MAPP, MSCR is a physician, well-being researcher, positive psychology practitioner, and founder of the emerging field of positive medicine, working to bring the science of well-being to clinicians and patients everywhere. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with her BA and Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) and graduated from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai with her MD and Master of Science in Clinical Research (MSCR). She is currently completing her residency training in psychiatry at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and will be starting fellowship training in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in 2024.


Her research and clinical interests involve disorders of gut-brain interaction and the biopsychosocial model of digestive disorders, health care worker and patient well-being, and incorporating positive psychology approaches into health care delivery. She is involved in research, curriculum development, teaching, and advocacy locally and globally on these topics. She’s developed and teaches an elective course called Positive Medicine at Mount Sinai and is co-founder of the trainee well-being curriculum called PEERS: Practice Enhancement, Engagement, Resilience, and Support. She also developed an online well-being program for clinicians, Thrive-Rx. She is co-author of Choose Growth: A Workbook for Transcending Trauma, Fear, and Self-Doubt, with Scott Barry Kaufman.

Dr. Jordyn Feingold

Choose Growth: A Workbook for Transcending Trauma, Fear, and Self-Doubt
Dr. Sanj Katyal.jpeg

Dr. Sanj Katyal is the co-founder of The Positive Medicine Program. He holds a Bachelor of Science with University Honors in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, a Medical Degree from New York University School of Medicine, and radiology board certification with fellowship training in abdominal imaging from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Dr. Katyal also holds certifications in Positive Psychology and Positive Psychology coaching from Whole Being Institute. He has published and lectured extensively on well-being and the Science of Happiness to audiences ranging from college students to physicians. He is currently teaching a senior level college course in positive psychology while investigating the effectiveness of positive psychology interventions on physician wellness/burnout.


As a practicing radiologist and physician executive for the past 18 years, Dr. Katyal understands the pressures that many physicians face as we move away from traditional fee for service and toward more value based payment models.

Over the years, Dr. Katyal has lectured and worked with over 100 physicians. He has had the privilege of working with these physicians to help them navigate a changing environment of increased service level expectations coupled with declining reimbursements and well-being. This is an environment that is familiar to most physicians.

Dr. Sanj Katyal

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